packaging_gg Matrix C/S and Imagex

Matrix C/S
Front and back cameras are mechanically aligned.
The perfect synchronization of the cameras allows verification of the register between front and back printing. The system instantaneously displays:

  • Front image
  • Back image
  • Superimposition of front and back images

Special optics and illumination methods are available for front-to-back registration and inspection of difficult materials such as cold-seals, varnishes, and UV inks etc.

It’s a real time full web viewer. While the conventional web viewers (like MATRIX) only display a limited section of the web, IMAGEX displays the entire print repeat in real time on a 40” HD screen.
This is for “display only” and is not meant to do defect inspection. It uses a 2K-pixel color linear camera for image capture and a 2K-pixel 40” HD monitor to display the pixel-to-pixel image.
The IMAGEX can operate stand-alone or in combination with the MATRIX camera (or previous version Grafikontrol web viewers) to give the operator complete control of his work. Common functions are digital zoom and Click&View.