Newest defect coding system for the traceability of the defects during the entire production process. With this system, the processing speed and the efficiency of the entire process are increased: thanks to the automatic stops in the slitter the removal of the defects is extremely easy.

  • Size, shape and pattern of the sync-code are programmable
  • The size of one sync-code is 2.5 mm by 35-40 mm (w x h) and contains Job name, Roll Number and Meterage
  • The Ink Jet nozzle (to print the synchronization code) is installed on a motorized bar. A camera is installed on the same bar that automatically detects the web edge (for automatic alignment ensuring print repeatability) and verifies the readability of the sync-code just printed
  • The sync-camera reads and transmit the sync-code information to the system in real time for an accurate pairing of the detected defects with the roll footage
  • The frequency in printing the sync-code is programmable (normally is one sync-code every one or two print repeats)
  • When a roll terminates the printing phase a label printer (supplied with the system) generates a label on which a univocal barcode is printed, containing all roll data
  • System is supplied with an editing station to filter the undesired defects, only the selected ones will be removed by automatically stopping the slitter on the sync-code paired with the defect