About us

Grafikontrol was incorporated in 1969 by Antonio De Grandis and Umberto Filippi. The electronic background and experience of both partners in the graphic industry and register controls for gravure and offset presses, defined the core industrial focus of the company.

In the early seventies, Guido Agazzi, followed by Luigi Artuffo, joined the company. Mr. Agazzi, together with Mr. De Grandis and Mr. Filippi, became the champions of Grafikontrol growth and development. Mr. Artuffo, initially serving as Technical Manager, eventually assumed the position of Production Manager and Partner in the company.

At that time the company’s name changed to “Grafikontrol Controlli Grafici e Industriali” (Graphics and Industrial Controls). The team mission was to develop a new generation of equipment for the graphic industry.

The primary objectives were to improve print quality, reduce down time and print waste. Grafikontrol continues to be involved in new, highly innovative projects. We are determined to provide the latest technologies, adhere to military specification components, and to achieve maximum reliability. The company has earned recognition as leader in high performance press controls.

With its extensive experience and expertise in the printing industry and market, Grafikontrol enjoys access to the major printers and press manufacturers all over the world.

In more than 50 years of work, the company has grown very much reaching more than 100 employees and being recognized as leader of the sector. Grafikontrol equipment is recognized and appreciated by the most important printing companies for performance, quality and flexibility to meet printers’ customers requirements.

Today, the founders’ sons, Paolo De Grandis, Davide Filippi and Carlo Artuffo, have taken over the helm. This second generation collaborates with their seniors and carry on with the same enthusiasm for technical innovation which made Grafikontrol so successful. The Directors command sectors of responsibility, and are united by professional passion for a brilliant future for Grafikontrol and new innovations for the print industry.

Over 50 years of activity

Continents with commercial and technical presence



TQC-360° is the newest modular platform for Grafikontrol’s products. It has been developed to give printers a complete solution for quality assurance.
With TQC-360 ° Grafikontrol is on the market with the new concept of supplier that satisfies the customer at 360 degrees for the printing and converting industry, with products, applications, processes and services. Our “all around provider” approach to the customer combines high performing products and excellent service. The TQC-360° products integrate into any web application. Customers benefit from the modular design which allows them to start with the features they need and upgrade at any time.
The components that make up the TQC-360° line can satisfy any customer need. They can operate separately or together through a single operator interface if desired.
. Tailor made solutions can be designed to fit non-standard applications


Grafikontrol is recognized as worldwide leading manufacturer of high-performance equipment for the graphic industry. We marry the best of high-tech components with the essence of Italian engineering to manufacture best of industry products with a “Made in Italy” heart.